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Property Taxes

Tax rates, together with assessed value and property use, determine the taxation amount for each property.  Municipal tax rates are set annually based on funds required to support local services.  Included on your property tax notice are levies for Regional Hospital District, Powell River Regional District, School Tax, BC Assessment and Municipal Finance Authority.  The City collects these levies on behalf of these agencies and has no control or input in establishing these rates. 

Residential property tax notices also include annual utility charges (water, garbage & sewer) while Commercial property notices include only sewer charges and receive a separate annual billing for water.

The due date each year for taxes is July 2, or the first working day thereafter.  A 10% penalty will be applied to current taxes if not paid before or on the due date.  

How to Pay Your Property Taxes

Information about where to pay your taxes, due date, penalty....

2018 Property Tax Information 

Property Taxes Are Due On Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Electronic Home Owner Grant Application Online

Address Change

This BC Assessment address change form will also result in an address change for City of Powell River tax notices.

Home Owner Grant Information

Homeowner Grant eligibility guidelines and application process.....

The Property Tax Deferment Program

Loan program that allows you to defer your annual property taxes on your home if you meet certain criteria...

Taxes and Assessments

Permissive Tax Exemptions
Annual Tax Rates Bylaw 2463, 2017
Five Year Financial Plan
Monthly Preauthorized Tax Payment Plan Bylaw 2475
Tax Prepayment Form
Tax Prepayment Cancellation Form
Sewer User Rates Bylaw 2461, 2017
Waterworks Regulations and Rates Bylaw 2462, 2017
Garbage Collection Bylaw 2473, 2017
Sewer Collector System Bylaw 2428, 2015
Sewage Treatment & Disposal Bylaw 2427, 2015



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